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Cool Blue™ Platinum Teeth Whitening Kit


Cool Blue™ Platinum Teeth Whitening Kit


Our Cool Blue Platinum system is clinically tested to get your teeth an average of 6 shades whiter in just 40 minutes. Whiten teeth faster than any other at home whitening system with our Cool Blue™ Platinum Teeth Whitening Kit. The chain reaction of pulsating light with the intelliWHiTE patent pending Amplifier Gel and Platinum Whitening Gel helps whiten teeth faster than any other at home whitening system. 

The Kit Includes

  • Cool Blue™ Mouthpiece: 100% silicone. Comfortable to wear. Easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Charging Cord: Use to recharge the Cool Blue™ Platinum Activating Light.
  • 25 Bleach Bumpers: 100% cotton strips keep lips from touching teeth during whitening.
  • Cool Blue™ Amplifier Gel: Used with the Whitening Gel to amplify the whitening process.
  • Cool Blue™ Platinum Whitening Gel:Delivers clinically proven results when used with Amplifier Gel and Cool Blue™ Platinum Teeth Whitening System.
  • Cool Blue™ Platinum User Guide: Answers FAQs to ensure success.
  • Cool Blue™ Platinum Activating Light: Whiter teeth in 4 consecutive 10 minute treatments.
  • Brush Applicator: For even application of the Amplifier Gel.

Product Features

No sensitivity
No heat
Safe to use with dental work

How It Works


Dry Teeth

Place Cotton Bumpers under both upper and lower lip. Dry teeth with tissue.


Whitening Gel

Paint layer of Whitening Gel on front facing surfaces of teeth .


Amplifier Gel

Gently brush a THIN layer of Amplifier Gel over the top of the Whitening Gel on front facing surfaces of teeth.


Light Piece

Snap mouthpiece into light guide.



With mouthpiece snapped into light source place mouthpiece in mouth between top and bottom teeth and lightly bite down.


Turn It On

Press "ON" button. Wear until light automatically shuts off (10 min) - to manually shut off press the off button.


Wipe & Dry Off

Wipe off remaining gel and dry teeth with tissue or paper towel. Rinse off and dry mouthpiece.


Repeat 4 Time Consecutively

Repeat above steps for a total of 4 consecutive times.

What Consumers Are Saying

In an independent 3rd party consumer survey of 34 participants who used intelliWHiTE Cool Blue Platinum whitening system for three consecutive 10 minute treatments:


said they were impressed with how quickly this product worked


said they would recommend this product to others


said they would purchase this product


said this was the best product they purchased for teeth whitening


said they preferred whitening with this product instead of going to a dentist office


said they did not experience any sensitivity to the product

Real Results in 40 minutes