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Bleach Bumpers


Bleach Bumpers

Patented 100% cotton bumpers that comfortably allow mechanical retraction of lips and provides better visibility of teeth for more precise application of products. Helps to keep products from being pushed off by lips or washed away by saliva. Helps minimize the potential for side effects such as tissue irritation, throat irritation and indigestion which can occur due to contact with full strength peroxide. Optimize results by giving the peroxide a chance to chemically react with the teeth. Contains 2 boxes of 50 Bleach Bumpers (100 total)
No sensitivity
No heat
Safe to use with dental work

Place Bumpers

Place 1-2 Cotton Bumpers under both upper and lower lip to help keep saliva off teeth while using CoolBlue Whitening Light Systems.


Tips and Tricks

Bumpers may fit better if cut in half and place one half on each side. You can also run Bumpers under water, squeeze out excess water and this will help Bumpers mold better to the mouth.