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Cool Blue™ Replacement Mouthpieces


Cool Blue™ Replacement Mouthpieces

Designed specifically for use with the CoolBlue™ Platinum Teeth Whitening Light System (sold separately). Mouthpieces are in available in different colors for easy identification and allows 2 users to share the CoolBlue™ Light Whitening System. The mouth piece fits comfortably in the mouth and is easy to clean with toothpaste and water. Contains: 1 Pink mouthpiece and 1 Aqua mouthpiece
No sensitivity
Protects gums
Safe to use with dental work

Light Piece

Snap mouthpiece into light guide.


Mouth Piece

With mouthpiece snapped into light source place mouthpiece in mouth between top and bottom teeth and lightly bite down.


Turn it on

Press "ON" button. Wear until light automatically shuts off (time varies by light system) - to manually shut off press the off button.


Rinse and dry

Remove mouthpiece from light. Rinse off and dry mouthpiece.