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Platinum Stain Eraser


Platinum Stain Eraser

The unique "on the go" Platinum Stain Eraser has a rubber tip brush like applicator that allows you to scrub stains off your teeth. Platinum Stain Eraser formula contains peroxide for whitening and Xylitol that makes plaque less sticky. Use after every meal to help maintain your white teeth and contribute to good oral health. Freshens breath. Scrubber tip cleans stains and stimulates gum tissue.
No sensitivity
Addresses staining
Safe to use with dental work

How It Works


Use after eating or drinking


Remove cap on stain eraser and squeeze tube until a small drop of formula appears on the brush tip


Place the brush tip against the teeth surfaces


Rub in a circular motion with light pressure moving from the tooth to tooth for 2 minutes


Do no eat or drink for 20 minutes


Use several times a day for best results