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Sonic360 Toothbrush


Sonic360 Toothbrush

Sonic360 Sonic Toothbrush is a professionally designed, Patent Pending rechargeable sonic toothbrush with up to 40,000 powerful brush strokes per minute that has a dual sided brush head, with one side for brushing and one side for polishing the teeth and cleaning debris from inside cheeks and tissues for a full 360 degree clean. Has three modes; Clean, Sensitive, and Massage. Features an auto shut-off after two minutes of brushing and auto-alert to let you know when to move to the next area. After brushing flip the head to polish teeth.

Real Results

In an independent 3rd party consumer survey of 35 participants who used the Intelliwhite Sonic 360 Toothbrush twice a day for 1 week:


said the Intelliwhite Sonic 360 Toothbrush was easy to use


said the toothbrush was gentle on your mouth


felt they were doing a better job of taking care of their teeth using the Sonic 360 Toothbrush vs. using a manual toothbrush


said their teeth felt cleaner using the Sonic 360 Toothbrush vs. using a manual toothbrush

How It Works



To charge the Sonic360 Toothbrush place the toothbrush on the charger stand. Plug the USB plug into the Power Adapter plug and plug into outlet. The charging indicator LED will be RED while charging and will turn GREEN when fully charged.


Insert Brush Head

Insert the brush head onto the metal tip on top of the handle.



Before brushing, rinse your mouth thoroughly, wet the brush head to moisten, and then apply toothpaste to the nylon bristle side of brush head.


Select Mode

The Sonic360 Sonic Toothbrush features 3 different modes. Sensitive – 40,000 strokes per minute for gentle cleaning of teeth, tongue and gums. Clean – 30,000 stroke per minute for optimum cleaning efficiency. Massage – 30,000 strokes per minute for soft stimulation to promote healthy gums.



The Sonic360 Sonic Toothbrush will work in 30 second intervals so you know when to move from one quadrant to another.



After brushing, rinse brush head and apply a small amount of toothpaste to the silicone nodule side of brush head and gently brush teeth again to get a smooth polished surface like you get from a professional dentist.ually shut off press the off button.



Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.



Rinse brush head, dry and return handle to charging base.