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Whitening Mouth Guards


Whitening Mouth Guards

The patented intelliWHiTE Whitening Mouth Guard is used to help hold back lips for easier application and better whitening results by keeping peroxide gel off the gums and on the teeth. It is soft and flexible and fits most mouth sizes. Washable and latex free. Can be used with Platinum Whitening Pen and PM Restore Night Serum. Set of 2 Whitening Mouth Guards.
No sensitivity
Protects gums
Safe to use with dental work

How to insert the Whitening Mouth Guard

Grasp the Whitening Mouth Guard from the front, middle notches and compress the top and bottom together, creating two wings on either side of the Whitening Mouth Guard. While Whitening Guard is compressed, insert one side of the guard into one side of the cheek and then repeat on the other side. Both upper and lower lips should rest comfortably inside the groove, giving you an unobstructed view of your teeth.


Retracts Lips

Helps retract lips during the whitening process and keeps peroxide gel on teeth and away from gums.


Soft and Flexible

Fits most mouth sizes.




Latex Free