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Sale Cool Blue™ Replacement Mouthpieces

Cool Blue™ Replacement Mouthpieces


  • No sensitivity
  • Gum protection

Designed for use with Cool Blue™ Platinum Teeth Whitening Light System, sold separately.

  • Set includes 1 pink and 1 clear mouthpiece
  • Allows two users to share Cool Blue™ Light Whitening System
  • Comfortable and easy to clean 
  1. Assembly
    Snap Cool Blue™ Replacement Mouthpiece into light guide.
  1. Whitening
    Place assembled Mouthpiece in mouth between top and bottom teeth, lightly biting down to hold it in place. Press the power button to activate light. Wear until the light automatically turns off. To manually turn power off, press the power button again.
  1. Cleaning
    After whitening, remove mouthpiece from light. Rinse and dry Cool Blue™ Mouthpieces after each session.

Q. How often should I purchase a new mouthpiece?

A. Every 3 months depending on use.

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