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Sale Sonic360 Toothbrush and Box

Sonic360 Toothbrush

$79.00 $149.00


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  • Warranty

intelliWHiTE®’s patent pending, dual-sided brush head, Sonic360 Sonic Toothbrush, boasts up to 40,000 powerful brush strokes per minute! Patent pending brush head features one side designed to clean debris from teeth and remove plaque between teeth and at the gumline and one side to polish teeth and gently remove debris from the mouth.

  • Three modes: clean, sensitive, and massage
  • Auto shut-off after two minutes of brushing
  • Auto-alert to notify when to move to next area
  • Rechargeable
  1. Charge
    Place Sonic360 Toothbrush on the charger stand. Attach the stand’s USB cable to the Power Adapter plug, then connect to a powered outlet. The charging indicator LED will be red while charging and turn green once fully charged.
  1. Assemble
    Insert brush head onto the metal tip on the top of the Sonic360 Toothbrush handle.
  1. Prepare
    Before brushing, rinse mouth thoroughly. Wet the Sonic360 Toothbrush head, then apply toothpaste to the nylon bristles.
  1. Select Mode
    Press the power button on the front of the handle to cycle through the following modes.
    • Sensitive- 40,000 strokes per minute for a gentle cleaning
    • Clean- 30,000 strokes per minute for optimum cleaning efficiency
    • Massage- 30,000 pulse-like strokes per minute for soft stimulation
    • (A fourth press of the power button will turn the power off.)
  1. Brush
    Once activated, the Sonic360 Toothbrush will momentarily pause every 30 seconds, notifying you to move from one quadrant to the next.
  1. Polish
    After brushing, rinse brush head and apply a small amount of toothpaste to the silicone nodule side of the brush head. Gently brush teeth again to achieve a smooth, professional polish.
  1. Rinse
    After brushing, rinse mouth thoroughly with water. Rinse and dry brush head, then return to charging base.

Q. Can I brush my teeth immediately before or after using my intelliWHiTE Cool Blue™ Platinum Whitening Kit?
A. No, you should wait 10-15 minutes after brushing your teeth to use your Whitening Kit, and wait 10-15 minutes after use to eat, drink, or brush.

Q. What is the warranty for the Cool Blue™ Platinum and Sonic360 Sonic Toothbrush?
A. All intelliWHiTE electronic tools have a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty.

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