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JAN 2015

Whiten Whip-Fast

"Photoshop can't compete with results this quick. Intelliwhite's Cool Blue Pro uses an LED to whiten teeth up to 5 shades in just 25 minutes."
MAY 2015

Men's Health Grooming Awards

"Faster than a dentist office proceedure, this at-home system will turn your teeth several shades whiter in under half an hour."
APR 2010

White Noise

"Never mind the eyes. The mouth is much more of a window to our soul. The good Dr. Jablow began our session, bless her, with a reality check. The really white teeth you see on celebrities are veneers or airbrushing -those colors don't appear in nature."
SEP 2009

Double Agents

Bright on! Silica and papaya enzyme brighten your teeth. Tester says my mouth feels like it was cleaned by a dentist."
AUG 2009

Smile Saver

"Attention multi-taskers: Lip plumpers not only give you a sexier mouth; they can also help you look younger... For a temporary reprieve pucker up with Pout 'n Polish, a plumping and whitenind duo. Then kiss skimpy lips good-bye!"
JAN 2009

I Want A Confident Smile

Straight Talk: If you skin has cool undertones it needs a cooler shade. Warm tones work best with warmer undertones."

Tooth Fairies

"Inside Job: These days a trip to the dentist can do more than fix your teeth."
JAN 2008

Skin Deep

"The Smile Boutique in the dentist's office.. Are teeth really whiter when a doctor makes the product?"
MAY 2009

Cutting Edge Grooming

"The Smile Maker.. Jennifer Jablow tackles tarnished teeth with a high-tech whitening system."