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Teeth Whitening The Right Way

Intelliwhite is the only professional strength at-home whitening system designed to remove persistent stains from the enamel of teeth. We don’t polish, we whiten and we believe we do it better and safer than everyone else.

Cool Blue™ Platinum Technology: How does it work?

intelliWHiTE delivers faster whitening in shorter treatment periods with Cool Blue™ Platinum - powered by the patented process called photocatalytic conversion. By combining intelliWHiTE’s proprietary Amplifier Spray and its state of the art (NO UV or heat) blue light, Cool Blue™ accelerates the brightening power of peroxide to whiten teeth 6 shades in only 40 minutes, versus inferior competing brands who require a full week to reveal similar results. Cool Blue’s™ light technology whitens teeth without pain or sensitivity just as dramatically as the expensive, professional treatments offered in a dentist office.

intelliWHiTE Achieves Six Key Solutions That Other Brands Don't

No Sensitivity