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Smile Care Routine

Smile Care Routine with OXYGEN therapy in 2 easy steps: Brush & Rinse!

Gently clean & whiten your teeth when you pair together our Power Boost Daily Whitening Gel with our plaque repelling Cocobrite Coconut Oil toothpaste.

When paired together, bathe your teeth and gums in OXYGEN therapy. Killing plaque and bacteria under the gum line while whitening tough stains.

WHITEN & Fight Plaque.

Exclusive Offer! Buy all three for only $39.95 ($72.45 value)

Why is Oxygen important?

The oxygen from the peroxide in our Power Boost can reach BELOW the gum line and kill harmful plaque bacteria that causes gums to get puffy and bleed. Bacteria under the gums can’t live with oxygen. So OXYGEN THERAPY from our Power Boost rocks!

  • Less PLAQUE = LESS PAIN AT your NEXT DENTAL CLEANING because less plaque to SCRAPE
  • Less Bleeding GUMs! HEALTHier body overall ! Bacteria under the gum creates INFLAMMATION which can cause problems in the rest of your body
  • NO MORNING Breath with our POWER FRESH RINSE !
    Our alcohol FREE rinse with ZINC ION technology Kills Bad breath at the source NOT MASK IT!!!