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Sale Overnight Smile Guard

Overnight Smile Guard


Our Overnight Smile Guard is a customizable upper full nightguard infused with charcoal to help cushion and keep upper and lower teeth apart to reduce contact of nighttime teeth grinding reducing the chance of potential damage to teeth.

Charcoal helps reduce bacteria and the resulting bad breath.

Boil and bite upper nightguard to fit to your teeth structure for a secure fit. Comes with a storage case to keep your mouth guard safe and sanitary.

Comes with molding tray, 3 guards and case

After each use, brush your dental guard with toothbrush and rinse. Do not rinse with hot water it could alter the shape of your Overnight Smile Guard.
Overnight Smile Guard should be replaced overtime. Depending on how often and hard you grind your teeth will determine when to replace your Overnight Smile Guard. 

Instructions for molding the guard included with product.

• If you are under 18 years of age
• If you have loose or wiggly teeth, loose fillings or caps
• If you wear dental implants, dentures, braces or other dental appliances

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