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Cool Blue Platinum Teeth Whitening System 64% off
[icons][icon-sensitivity][icon-snowflake][icon-heart][/icons] The Intelliwhite Cool Blue Teeth Whitening System brings professional dentist-office whitening technology into your home. This unique Cool Blue technology has been developed to provide rapid whitening results within a short treatment period. Just after one use you will start to see a noticeably whiter smile. It is safe...
intelliWHiTE® Carbon Power Clean Toothpaste and Power Boost Whitening Gel
[icons][icon-sensitivity][icon-xylitol][icon-alcohol][icon-cup][/icons] A patent pending, advanced dual process whitening system that whitens teeth by utilizing carbon and peroxide to lift and remove stains while whitening deep within the tooth. The Carbon Power Clean and Power Booster make for a unique combination to enhance your whitening. The high pH of the Carbon...