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Bleach Bumpers
Bleach Bumpers
[icons][icon-sensitivity][icon-gums][/icons] Patented 100% cotton bumpers comfortably retract lips to provide better visibility of teeth and precise application of product. Helps keep products from being pushed off by lips or washed away by saliva. Helps minimize the potential for side effects such as tissue irritation, throat irritation and indigestion which can...
Cool Blue™ Platinum Teeth Whitening Kit Refill
[icons][icon-sensitivity][icon-customizable][icon-heart][/icons] Cool Blue™ Platinum Whitening Refill Kit includes the Cool Blue™ Platinum Whitening Pen, Cool Blue™ Amplifier Gel and 25 Bleach Bumpers. The Refill Kit requires the use of the Cool Blue™ Platinum Activating Light, sold separately. Whitening Gel .12 oz Amplifier Gel .40 oz
Cool Blue™ Replacement Mouthpieces
[icons][icon-sensitivity][icon-gums][/icons] Designed for use with Cool Blue™ Platinum Teeth Whitening Light System, sold separately. Set includes 1 pink and 1 clear mouthpiece Allows two users to share Cool Blue™ Light Whitening System Comfortable and easy to clean 
Whitening Mouth Guards
Whitening Mouth Guards
[icons][icon-sensitivity][icon-gums][/icons] Our patented intelliWHiTE® Whitening Mouth Guard keeps peroxide gel off gums and on the teeth to improve whitening results.   Helps to hold back lips for easier application Keeps product on teeth and away from gums Soft, flexible material Easy, comfortable fit Washable and latex free Use with Platinum...