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Breath Saver Nano-HAP Breath Gel
[icons][icon-xylitol][icon-alcohol][icon-cup][/icons] A unique, refreshing breath gel that helps fight bad breath at its source. Made with nano-HAP (an ingredient known to help remineralize and strengthen teeth), calcium, zinc chloride and Xylitol, this innovative breath gel not only works to fight bad breath, it also helps make plaque less sticky to...
intelliWHiTE® Carbon Power Clean Toothpaste and Power Boost Whitening Gel
[icons][icon-sensitivity][icon-xylitol][icon-alcohol][icon-cup][/icons] A patent pending, advanced dual process whitening system that whitens teeth by utilizing carbon and peroxide to lift and remove stains while whitening deep within the tooth. The Carbon Power Clean and Power Booster make for a unique combination to enhance your whitening. The high pH of the Carbon...
Jaw Relief Roller
Jaw Relief Roller
Intelliwhite's Jaw Relief Roller is a uniquely designed Y shape facial roller with 30 massaging nodules designed to help promote relaxation. Easy to use Roller glides along the face and jaw line massaging sore and stiff facial muscles. Face massaging helps temporarily increase localized circulation. Massaging help soothe muscle tension. Flexible...
Power Boost Daily Whitening Gel
[icons][icon-sensitivity][icon-cup][icon-xylitol][/icons] Power Boost Daily Whitening Gel enhances teeth’s whiteness by brushing! Apply Power Boost to a toothbrush along with your favorite toothpaste and watch teeth get whiter and brighter. High performing hydrogen peroxide formula boosts whitening and removes stains on the surface and in between teeth, while Xylitol keeps plaque...
PRO WHiTE Professional Toothpaste & Power Boost Daily Whitening Gel
[icons][icon-sensitivity][icon-cup][icon-xylitol][/icons] Meet your dynamic duo! Use the Power Boost Daily Whitening Gel everyday with your Pro White Toothpaste to help remove surface stains, brighten teeth and maintain your white smile. No extra steps necessary to keep your smile brighter, just add a pearl size amount on your brush next to your...